What is the purpose of the SD Coordinated Plan?

Since the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, conservation has become a widespread practice in South Dakota. The importance of conservation is evident in SD through agricultural practices and conservation programs. Periodically, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture completes a Coordinated Plan to assess the programs and their combine success for conservation. This assessment is noted in a Coordinated Plan. Within the 2020 SD Coordinated Plan, the next set of goals and objectives are will be outlined to guide future conservation programs.

An important part of the development of the Coordinated Plan is public input. We are asking you for your input regarding:
1) the existing condition of SD’s natural resources,
2) the success of our conservation programs,
3) the goals and objective that should be set for the new plan and
4) any other additional information important regarding natural resources

Public input is needed!

The public meetings for the coordination plan are complete. To view the information provided during the public input meetings, click here. As the plan for 2020 moves forward, your feedback and comments are important and taken into consideration by completing this survey. Comments are due by December 20, 2019.

Click here to view the 2012 Coordinated Plan for Natural Resources Conservation. The team is currently evaluating each 2012 goal and objective as data is received from the agencies. An overview of the goals and objectives met is shown below.